Winamac Beverage Company To Soon Close Up Shop

A Winamac beverage company has announced plans to close up shop after they were bought out by two wholesalers.

Tippecanoe Beverages, Inc., owned by brothers Fred and Dave Zahrt, has been in business for more than 50 years in Winamac. Fred said the “time was right” to sell the business, and though they weren’t actively looking for someone to purchase the business, a deal was made.

The two wholesalers, Mid-America Beverages of Kokomo and Calumet Breweries from Hammond, have been interviewing employees of Tippecanoe Beverages to fill the new positions created by the purchase of the business.

But what will happen to the Tippecanoe Beverages building? Dave Zahrt said the building will be sold as the two purchasers plan to assimilate the new territory into their current service area.

Mid-America Beverages currently employs around 60 employees, and president Bill Hingst mentioned that they plan to hire some of the employees from Tippecanoe Beverages to fill the new positions. He estimates the acquisition will result in an additional 10 jobs for his company.

Tippecanoe Beverages will make its final delivery on Friday, Dec. 28. The Zahrt brothers expressed their appreciation for both their customers and their loyal employees, and said they will miss everyone who made their business a success.