Winamac Man Arrested On Multiple Possession Charges

A Winamac man was arrested in Knox on Friday after police found him in possession of controlled substances.

Police were called to a bar in downtown Knox after a call was received about a theft. The victim told police that a witness could lead police to the suspect and they found the suspect, Christopher Fields, in a vehicle with a woman. Police asked both subjects for their identification and it was learned that Fields had two active arrest warrants through Pulaski County.

Fields was told to exit the vehicle and to put his hands behind his back. Fields attempted to escape the officer’s grip and get to the driver’s seat. Fields was pulled out of the vehicle and placed face down on the concrete. He was handcuffed but he had picked up something off the sidewalk with his mouth. He was allegedly trying to swallow the item. He was forced to spit out the item which was identified as a folded one dollar bill that reportedly contained a substance that smelled like marijuana.

During a search, officers found a controlled substance on the ground that Fields had been stepping on and another item. A hypodermic needle was also reportedly located inside his jacket pocket.

He was arrested on preliminary charges of Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Law Enforcement, Reckless Possession of Paraphernalia, two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana.