Culver Community Schools Looking to Buy Two Buses

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt
The Culver Community School Board this week gave their approval for the school to advertise for the purchase of two new school buses as part of their routine bus rotation schedule. Superintendent Brad Schuldt explained that this process is generally taken care of in the spring to allow the school to purchase two new buses over the summer.

Schuldt said the state currently has Culver schools on a 12-year service cycle for buses, allowing the school to purchase new buses to replace those that are 12 years old. Schuldt said that unless some catastrophic failure occurs, the buses are traded in after 12 years for credit on a new school bus, preventing the school from getting stuck with a massive unexpected bill for emergency repairs on several buses.

Schuldt said the board has the specs ready for the buses they’re looking for, and will advertise for bids in local papers soon. He said the school is looking to purchase two typical route school buses.