Culver School Board Soon to Make Staffing Cuts

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt

The Culver School Board this week went through some tough discussion regarding reductions in force for the end of this year, which Superintendent Brad Schuldt described as a necessity due to funding cuts from the state. Schuldt explained that over the course of time since 2010, $1.7 million has been trimmed back from their General Fund due to cuts from the state and as a result, the board will have to make some staff reductions.

Treasurer Tom Bendy presented financial information to the board that highlighted the cuts and emphasized the need to cut back on spending. As a result, the board began to work on establishing financial goals and how many expenses would have to be reduced; however, Schuldt explained the board did not discuss any details regarding individual buildings or possible positions to be cut.

Schuldt did say that there will have to be reductions in teaching staff at the end of this school year, but the board has just started the process of working through the specifics.