Hazardous Preparedness Analysis Report Complete at IU Health Starke Hospital

Starke County Local Emergency Planning Committee

IU Health Starke Hospital Management Director Ed Barcus is part of the Starke County Local Emergency Planning Committee and he recently completed a Hazardous Preparedness Analysis which identifies the top emergencies the hospital could face in 2013.

Tornadoes, winter storms, temperature extremes and mass casualty events were high on the list. With that, Barcus completed emergency guidelines for his staff and all colleagues to follow in case of a disastrous event.

Barcus is part of the Starke County Local Emergency Planning Committee reorganized under the direction of Emergency Management Director Ted Bombagetti. A second Hazmat training session will be held sometime this year.

Picture caption: (front) Ted Hayes, IU Health Starke Hospital Marketing and Media Rep; Paul Mathewson, Starke County Emergency Ambulance Service Director; Ted Bombegetti, Starke County Emergency Management Director; Ed Barcus, IU Health Starke Hospital Security/Emergency Management Director; (back) Frank Lynch, Starke County Health Nurse; Clint Norem, Knox City Police Chief, David Pearman, Starke County Council President; Tony Langer, Member of the Starke County Amateur Radio Club. Not present at the time of photo: Oscar Cowen, Starke County Sheriff and Jennifer Davis, Starke County Commissioner.