Illegally Parked Motorists in Handicapped Space Could Face Steeper Minimum Fine

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

Republican Senator Ed Charbonneau of Valparaiso has introduced legislation that would increase the minimum penalty for parking in a handicapped parking space from $50 to $200.

The bill passed the Senate Corrections and Criminal Law committee on a vote of 5-4.

Charbonneau said tickets are usually written when citizens complain about a possible violation. He hopes that a steeper fine will keep motorists from taking parking spots specifically designated for disabled residents.

Some legislators have said that the $200 minimum is a little steep, but Charbonneau insists that it’s reasonable.

The current law places a fine on the violator between $50 and $500. Charbonneau’s proposed law would mean a fine between $200 and $500.