Knox Community Schools to Implement School Messenger Program

Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Corporation will soon be implementing a new program that will enhance communications between the three schools, parents, guardians and patrons.

School Messenger will be utilized to help get the message out to subscribed patrons about important school events such as closings or delays or school emergencies. Superintendent A.J. Gappa explained that a mass text message will be sent out on Monday, Jan. 14.

“An automated text is going to go out to everybody who has given their cell phone numbers and we have those numbers in our database,” said Gappa. “It will be a one-time text and people will have to opt in if they want to continue receiving texts by way of School Messenger. We will also be sending out emails by way of School Messenger to people who have registered their email accounts through our database.”

The corporation wants to ensure that all correct contact information is up to date so you can be properly signed up with School Messenger.

Full service of School Messenger will begin later this month.

“We anticipate using the system on Jan. 24,” Gappa explained.

All of the technical issues are being finalized and it is hoped that the School Messenger program will be used in its full capacity on Jan. 24.