Knox Council Approves Budget Reductions

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council this week approved two budget reductions in response to cuts from the state. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston explained that two city budgets suffered from cuts at the state level: the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund, with a balance of $413,131, was cut by $24,536; and the Park Department’s budget was also cut by $11,135 for a total budget amount of $146,358.

Houston said there have been worse cuts in the past that they have had to work through and he feels that the city can work through this with limited problems. He told the council they have a choice; they can accept the budget order and work with the budgets in conflict to find out where the cuts can be taken from, or they can reject the budget order and move money around from other funds. However, Houston recommended that the council accept the budget.

The council passed a motion at their meeting earlier this month to accept the budget and meet with the Park and Highway departments to find out which line items in the budget can be modified to level it out. At their meeting this week, Houston explained that he had spoken to both department heads and they reached an agreement for the reductions.

The council approved Houston’s proposed reductions, which reduced the Truck line item from the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund by $24,536, and the Shelter line item in the Park and Recreation Fund by $11,135.