Knox Street Dept. Plans to Patch Problematic Potholes

With all the freezing and thawing that’s been going on, the prominence of potholes throughout the area is on the rise. Knox Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told WKVI that the weather has been surprisingly gentle to the roads – that is, until these last few days. A few potholes have popped up in the area, and Borg said his crew is hoping to get those filled up soon.

Borg explained his department utilizes a “hot patcher,” a piece of equipment used to warm up the pothole patches when the temperatures are low. He said that with this patcher, his crew can get out before summer and get the potholes patched.

The Knox City Street Department purchases their patches from two suppliers: Central Paving in Logansport, which provides low-cost, low-shelf-life patches for around $66 a ton; and Phend & Brown in Warsaw, which provides a more expensive patch with a greater shelf life for around $120 a ton. Borg explained that a ton of material could fill around 80 potholes, bringing the cost of repairs for an average pothole to less than $2.

Borg said his department keeps an eye on potholes themselves, and he said they have not received any calls to report potholes that have proven troublesome. Regardless, he said if the weather holds up, his crew could be out today or even tomorrow working on patching the potholes.