North Judson Town Council Approves End-Of-Year Transfers

The North Judson Town Council met Monday morning for a very short agenda. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained the council met to review two resolutions concerning fund transfers that needed to be addressed before the end of the year.

Henry said some of the funds transferred within the general fund totaled $7900.32, and $2348.21 within the Motor Vehicle Highway fund. The council also made a number of transfers within the Parks Fund totaling $2662.97.

Several transfers also took place between separate funds, including a transfer approved from the General Fund to the Continuing Police Education Fund for $1947.49, as well as a transfer from the General Fund to the CCD Fire Motor Equipment Fund for $325.20. A transfer from the General Fund to the firehouse for other expenses was also approved for $717.97.

Henry explained the council will also transfer a number of funds into the Rainy Day Fund before the end of the year to retain that money in 2013. She said she was not sure of the exact amount, but it will likely be around the 10 percent maximum allotted by the state.