North Judson Town Council Praised for Norwayne Field Lights

Starke County Commissioner Jennifer Davis attended the most recent meeting of the North Judson Town Council to express, on behalf of the commissioners, their thanks to the North Judson Park Board, Council, and anyone else that had anything to do with the Christmas light display at Norwayne Field. Davis said the lights were spectacular and a fine representation of the community and Starke County.

The council also approved two resolutions concerning fund transfers. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained one of the resolutions sought to transfer funds within the General Fund from one insurance account to another. She said the the transfer moved $6757.38 from the Street Insurance Fund to the Clerk Insurance Fund, along with another transfer from Police Salaries to Police Insurance totaling $5945.67. Both transfers were approved.

Henry said the board also approved transfers into the Rainy Day Fund totaling $39,803. She said $27,400 came from the General Fund, $10,500 from Motor Vehicle Highway, and $1903 from the Park Fund.