Plymouth Woman Strikes McDonald’s Building, Leaves Scene, Hits Tree

A Plymouth woman started the new year off on a bad note, as a drunken trip to McDonald’s ended in her arrest after she not only struck the building, but left the scene and hit a tree as well.

Plymouth police received a call on Jan. 1 around 8:31 a.m. reporting a red Dodge Neon that had struck the McDonald’s building at 2010 N. Michigan St. The driver, according to the caller, appeared to be intoxicated, and left southbound on Michigan Street.

Less than a minute later, police received another call regarding the same car – this time, the caller reported that the Neon had struck a tree on Michigan Street near the intersection of Harrison Street. Police located the vehicle shortly afterward.

The driver, identified as Elisabeth Trevino, was taken into custody and transported to the Marshall County Jail. Trevino submitted to a chemical breath test, and was consequently booked for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.