Pulaski Commissioners Approve Sheriff’s Request for Vehicle Purchase

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer approached the county commissioners at their meeting this week with a request to follow through with the second of two vehicle purchases approved by the county council. Gayer said he had purchased one of the vehicles last year with the commissioners’ approval, but now, he has returned once again seeking permission to purchase the second.

Gayer said he is looking to buy a truck for an officer who is also on the District 2 Task Force and the SWAT team. The officer needs a larger vehicle in order to carry his extra equipment and allow him to fulfill his duties.

Gayer presented bids for quarter-ton and half-ton trucks from Goble GMC, Braun Chevrolet, and Dobson’s Ford. He said the half-ton truck from Braun is the cheapest, coming in $4000 less than the half-ton truck from Goble GMC. He said the vehicle is a four-wheel drive truck that would serve the needs of the county as well when the weather gets rough. Gayer said it is wise to have four-wheel drive vehicles in the county’s fleet because of their extremely useful nature.

The commissioners approved a motion to allow Gayer to purchase the truck from Braun Chevrolet.