Pulaski County Council Responds to Several Requests By Commissioners

The Pulaski County Council on Monday night heard a number of requests that had been approved by the county commissioners, but the council wasn’t so eager to approve some of them.

The county commissioners last week approved a purchase for the surveyor’s office to rent a printer capable of printing 11-by-17-inch pages, a necessity for the office. At a cost of $65.10 extra per month for the equipment, the council was not required to make a motion to approve the cost because the money was available in the budget. However, the council gave their approval for the equipment to be paid for using funds from the commissioners budget.

The council did not, however, approve a request to allow the Recycling Center to once again purchase aluminum cans. The request involved an additional appropriation of $20,000 to fund a part-time employee to take care of the extra workload, but a local recycling company spoke out against the idea, saying it would not be fair to private companies if the county were to compete with them. As a result, the council denied the request.

The council also tabled a request to approve the purchase of a building to be used as the assessor’s office. The cost of $77,000 to purchase a building located across the street from the courthouse would likely have come from the Cumulative Building Fund, but the council agreed that more options need to be examined before any rash decision is made. As a result, the council tabled the request until more information on possible options has been received.