Pulaski County Currently Without a Notary; Discussion Tabled

Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Vice President Terry Young, and President Tracey Shorter

The Pulaski County Commissioners last week tabled a discussion regarding the possible hiring of two notaries, after Surveyor Jenny Keller pointed out that she was the only notary in the courthouse, and is now unable to perform those duties because of her new responsibilities as an officer holder.

Keller noted that another courthouse employee has been registered as a notary in another county, but notaries are statewide, so Keller feels she should be able to perform those duties in Pulaski County. However, even if that is not the case, the registration process for becoming a notary only involves a $60 fee and is done electronically.

Keller requested permission to have the employee pursue becoming a notary for the county if necessary, and also recommended that another notary be hired as well. Commissioner Larry Brady agreed, saying it would be a wise move to have multiple notaries in case one is unable to make it in to work or is on vacation.

A motion was made to table the discussion pending further inquiry into whether or not employees of the auditor’s office can be notaries, and whether or not the employee in question has notary authority in the county. The motion was approved unanimously.