Retired Police Officer Finds Burglars in Home, Opens Fire

Two men seriously wounded when shot by a retired police officer inside his LaPorte County home have been charged with Burglary, a Class B Felony.

Edward Flynn, 67, and his girlfriend returned to his home Friday night in Pottawattomie Park and reportedly discovered broken glass in the dining room. Flynn, a retired Chicago police officer, told police he pulled out his revolver and encountered Marshaun Wright, 24, and Ladell Hemsworth, 23. He then reportedly pointed the gun at the men who began coming toward him.

He repeatedly ordered the men to stop but they kept advancing toward him and, fearing for his safety, Flynn fired three to four shots.

Wright escaped from the residence, but he was found bleeding heavily from multiple gunshot wounds while hiding in a closet in a residence on Hobart Street in Michigan City.

Flynn held Hemsworth at gunpoint until police arrived.

Both suspects have been treated for their wounds at a local hospital with one requiring surgery.

No charges are expected to be filed against Flynn.