Starke Commissioners Still Seeking Applicants for Board Seats

Starke County Commissioner Kathy Norem

On Monday, the Starke County Commissioners will discuss board appointments for 2013, but they’ve run into a bit of a snag. Commissioner Kathy Norem said that it appears they are short a few applicants on several boards, including the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission Board.

Norem also said no one applied for a seat on the Convention and Visitors Commission board, and they’re still short a Republican appointment for the city plan commission. Norem said the applicant for that seat must live within the two-mile jurisdiction of Knox. Vacancies are also still expected on the Knox Board of Zoning Appeals, and Norem said the commissioners must also appoint one member from the Knox Plan Commission to the Board of Zoning Appeals who lives within the two-mile jurisdiction.

The two mile jurisdiction is defined by the City of Knox as follows: on the east side of Knox, the city limits to 600 East; on the west side of Knox, the city limits to 200 East; on the north side of Knox, the city limits to 200 North; and on the south side of Knox, the city limits to 300 South.

Norem said the commissioners will discuss solutions and alternatives, as well as confirm the appointments, at their meeting Monday morning at 9 a.m.