Starke Commissioners Table Discussion Regarding Inflating Contract

The Starke County Commissioners last week tabled a discussion regarding a contract that has regularly been increasing in cost to determine whether or not the contract could be nullified. Maintenance Director Carl Goodrich said at the last meeting that the main issue is whether or not the county could get out of the contract with the current company, because they recently raised their contract cost up five percent – not the first time the company done this, Goodrich said.

The commissioners tabled the discussion once again to allow County Attorney Martin Lucas to look into it and determine whether or not the county can back out.

Goodrich also discussed the Senior Worker Program, which he said is a state-funded program to train senior citizens to allow them to get back into the workplace. Goodrich explained he is currently waiting on an information packet regarding the program, but there’s a hitch.

He said the county will not receive a packet on the program until they have agreed to accept the first senior citizen as part of the program. Because the county can always back out, Commissioner Kathy Norem said that would be fine, and agreed to accept the first program participant to learn more about the benefits of the program.