Vincent Rossetti Sentenced to 4 ½ Years in DOC

Starke County Courthouse

Vincent Rossetti pleaded guilty to two causes in the Starke Circuit Court this week. Rossetti pleaded guilty to Habitual Traffic Violator as a Class D felony and was sentenced to 18 months in the Department of Corrections with none suspended, and his driver’s license was suspended for two years.

In the second case, Rossetti pleaded guilty to Attempted Trafficking with an Inmate as a Class C felony and was sentenced to three years in the DOC with none suspended. The two sentences will be served consecutively.

Rossetti admitted to conspiring with Lindsey Dennis to bring a controlled substance into the jail while he was an inmate, and gave detailed instructions on how to do so. Rossetti instructed her to hide methamphetamine in a deodorant container to be given to him, which constituted a substantial step toward the commission of the crime.

In the second case to which Rossetti pleaded guilty, he admitted that he operated a vehicle in the area of Division Road in Starke County, after being deemed a Habitual Traffic Violator on Oct. 17, 2007.