West Central School Board Addresses School Security

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon

The West Central School Board discussed school security recently and Superintendent Charles Mellon said the corporation will be working to improve security conditions.

“We’re getting involved with the county-wide effort on the active shooter procedures. That will be carried out in the next two months where we can reevaluate our own plan and make it coincide with the county plan once it is designed,” said Mellon.

While the school corporation currently has safety measures and emergency procedures in place, school officials will be working with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, all fire departments and other emergency personnel to devise a county-wide plan in case an emergency situation emerges at the school.

“They’re wanting to come and visit the schools just to see the layouts,” explained Mellon. “They have maps of the buildings currently, but to see something on a map and actually walk through a building are two different things.”

Mellon added that students and staff will be participating in active shooter training on Feb. 24 at the Monterey Elementary School.

He was also quick to mention that all exterior doors are locked once the staff and students are in the buildings. The corporation is investigating the installation of a door monitoring system with a camera and intercom.