West Central School Board Reorganizes, Inspirational Speaker Talks to Students

The West Central School Board reorganized for the year during their recent meeting.

Jeff Tanner was elected president, Dennis Gutwein was elected vice president and Kerry Miller was elected secretary.

The board learned that Brett Sheldon visited with the students on Friday. Sheldon was born with a birth defect that left him with short arms, but he did not let that snuff out his dreams. He excelled in athletics and gained notoriety as a high school football kicker and even broke his school’s kicking record. He continued to play in college and gained national fame when he was a walk-on for the Indiana University football team. He talked to the students about growing and learning to overcome obstacles and preconceptions of others.

Brett Sheldon is the author of “Kicking the Odds,” an inspirational story about seizing opportunities when they come and knowing what it takes to succeed.