Active Shooter Training Set for Saturday at Monterey Elementary School

An active shooter training exercise is planned for tomorrow (Saturday) at Monterey Elementary School.

Beginning at approximately 8:30 a.m. ET, personnel from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, EMS, Pulaski County fire departments, Pulaski County Health Department, Indiana State Excise Police, State Police, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Homeland Security will be participating in a scenario to coordinate efforts in the case of an active shooter situation at a school or business.

The planning partners for this event have included students from both West Central and Eastern Pulaski School Corporations plus many businesses. The students will play victims in this scenario.

Ron Patrick, Chief Deputy of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, indicated that this exercise is one of many trainings that will occur over the next several weeks and months to better prepare law enforcement and responders.

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer warns that this exercise will take place first thing Saturday morning and multiple emergency vehicles will be in the area and not to panic. This is a training situation.

Sheriff Gayer had mentioned earlier that over 200 people are expected to be a part of this training.