Active Shooter Training Set for Today at Monterey Elementary School

  Active shooter training will be taking place throughout the day at the Monterey Elementary School.

This training is to help coordinate emergency personnel in the case of a shooting at a school or business. Those responders participating in today’s event will be using a special radio for communications, but if you have a scanner and you hear of a mass casualty event, personnel are training for such an event and it’s not the real thing. You will see several emergency vehicles on the roads as well.

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer said this training is important and over 200 people are expected to be involved in today’s training.

“We’re here to make a situation as realistic as we can,” explained Sheriff Gayer. “We’re having students from both school corporations here in the county participate as actual students in a school situation. We’re using the Monterey Elementary School. We’re bringing all of these core elements into a one event and we’re going to see how we all work together.”

Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies, medics, firefighters, health department personnel, Indiana State Police troopers, and Department of Homeland Security representatives will be coordinating efforts.

We’ll have pictures from today’s event on our website later today and WKVI’s Anita Goodan will have the story on Monday.