Criminal Charges Against Todd Boldry Dropped, Voluntarily Surrenders Teacher’s License

Todd Boldry
Todd Boldry

A motion was filed and signed to drop the criminal charges against Todd Boldry in an agreement that he would surrender his teaching license permanently.

Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff explained that the victim in the case didn’t want Boldry to necessarily get prison time for the offense that occurred between 2007 and 2008; she just wanted him to lose the ability to teach.

“When we discussed negotiating an agreement in the case after her deposition was taken, she was clear that she did not feel that Mr. Boldry deserved prison time for this offense. Her biggest and primary concern was his ability to teach. After that conversation a month or two later, Mr. Boldry filed a Stipulation of Voluntary Permanent License Surrender. That was executed in late January and accepted by Glenda Ritz, the superintendent of public instruction of the state of Indiana, on Feb. 19. Once the state received a copy of that, the state filed a motion to dismiss the charges in accordance with our agreement,” stated Bourff.

Boldry was arrested Aug. 24 at the Knox Middle School on charges of Official Misconduct and Child Seduction, both Class D Felonies. The charges were filed after an allegation of sexual misconduct was made by a former student with whom he had sexual relations in 2007-2008.

The victim was adamant that Boldry should lose the ability to teach due to his conduct in this case. When Boldry agreed to voluntarily surrender his teaching license, Prosecutor Bourff filed a motion to drop the criminal charges against Boldry. The motion was filed Wednesday and Judge Kim Hall signed the motion Thursday.

Bourff indicated that the copy of this case will be included in Boldry’s permanent file with the Indiana Department of Education.