Culver Still Working on Comprehensive Plan

The town of Culver is still in the midst of finding a planning firm to handle the drafting of their new comprehensive plan, and Town Manager David Schoeff said it should just be a few weeks before the town board has chosen a firm to handle the work. He said he’s strongly looking forward to getting this matter taken of.

Schoeff said the town has been working on this plan for quite some time and there’s a bit of a buzz about it because it’s coming closer and closer to fruition. He said the town has been persistent and patient, and now the document is almost complete, giving the town a a guidebook on where the community would like the town to ultimately end up, or what it will become.

Schoeff said when the document is ready to be drafted, the board wants the community to be as involved as possible, with community activities, regular press releases, and requests for participation. He said that’s what makes a good comprehensive plan – bringing the town together to get an idea of what the residents would like the town to become.

Schoeff said that board has been narrowing down the list of potential planning firms to handle the drafting of the plan, and the board will soon choose a firm to handle the project. After that, Schoeff said it’s just a matter of getting negotiations underway to draft a contract so work can begin, hopefully, in March.