Culver’s Downtown Project Soon to Resume, Says Town Manager

The town of Culver’s downtown project is moving right along, according to Town Manager David Schoeff, who explained that he expects the work on the project to continue in March or April. He said the project is nearing the final touches with the beautification project.

Schoeff said the project consists of adding new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as improving some storm drains and landscape work, in addition to crosswalks and paving. Schoeff said the project is getting down to the last leg of the project, as trees have been planted last fall and a lot of the work was completed last year as well. However, Schoeff said there are still some crosswalks that need to be improved and landscaping to be done, such as planting of bushes and grass.

He went on to say that the town also obtained some sign posts that match the town’s lights, and when the project is done the town will get to work on replacing the older sign posts. Schoeff said the new posts are decorative and mesh well with the look and feel of the town, and said it will go a long way in making the town more beautiful.