DLGF Requests Readvertisement of Changes Made to Public Question Information

Superintendent A.J. Gappa
Superintendent A.J. Gappa
The Knox Community School Board received notice that the Department of Local Government Finance has requested a change in the notice of adoption of the preliminary determination that was recently published.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa explained that the issue surrounded the public question that will be offered to voters in the Knox school district in May.

“The notice of adoption was just a statement that said that our school board had adopted this question to be published and wanted it to be placed on a referendum for a vote,” stated Gappa. “That was kind of an information notice that goes out to the public and it has to be worded properly. We have made those revisions that they requested and they have approved those. So, now we just republish it and things are back to where they were.” (aj gappa 02-20 #1)

The Starke County Election Board will be meeting this morning to discuss this special election and to place the question on the ballot. The board will be making a determination on the number of poll workers, absentee ballot hours and training.