Education Bills Discussed during Eastern Pulaski School Board Meeting

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

During the recent meeting of the Eastern Pulaski School Board, Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman brought several pieces of legislation to the attention of the board members that are education-related. The bill that he is most concerned deals with school vouchers.

“What I’m talking about in vouchers is where we’re using public money – taxes – to support students going to non-public school – private schools. It used to be where you had to attend a public school for at least one year before you were eligible for a voucher and that, according to this bill, is going away. Right off the bat you can go to a private school and the amount of money set aside to pay for these vouchers has increased,” said Klitzman.

The tax money set aside for private schools, he adds, would be diverted from public schools, like Eastern Pulaski, to private schools.

That bill has yet to be passed or voted down in the General Assembly this session.