Juvenile Tries to Steal Beer; Detained in LaPorte

 Loss prevention officials at Al’s in LaPorte didn’t have a hard time noticing a shoplifter, as a juvenile tried to hide a 30-pack case of beer under his shirt and leave the store. Police detained the juvenile shoplifter in LaPorte on Saturday, after responding to the store at approximately 10:40 p.m.

According to the report, loss prevention personnel told police that they witnessed the 17-year-old male suspect place a 30-pack case of beer into a shopping cart before wheeling the cart to the store’s restroom. There, they say, he placed the beer under his shirt or jacket, but apparently hiding a case of beer isn’t as inconspicuous as he thought.

As the suspect passed the point of checkout, he was detained, taken into custody for theft and transported to the juvenile services center.