Knox Resident Complains of Sewer Issues; Mayor to Check into It

Knox City Council
Knox City Council
The Knox City Council last night heard comments from Brandon Manns of Knox, who informed the council that he is suffering from a major problem with his sewer line. Manns explained his sewer line is backed up underneath Binkley Drive, and after running a camera through the line to check it out, he discovered the issue lies beneath the road, three feet from the other side.

According to an ordinance in place for the city of Knox, homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines running from the main line to the residence. As a result, Mayor Rick Chambers told Manns that he would be responsible for posting a $1000 bond to the city, performing the work, and then ensuring the road – if it has been torn up – is restored to its former condition, up to code. Chambers said the city hears about these types of issues typically three times a year, but another resident on Delaware Street had already complained to the city of a similar problem.

While it is a big expense, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston explained the city would not cash the $1000 check that is held as a bond unless the road is torn up and not properly repaired. However, a $35 fee does apply.

Manns told the council that he feels the city should be responsible for the line from the main line up to the edge of the property, because the city has the equipment required to perform repairs in such situations. Chambers said that the ordinance has been in place for over 20 years, and unless they change that ordinance, there is nothing they can do – and even that would take period of time.

Chambers told Manns he would check into how other cities handle these types of issues and get back to him.