Locally-Filmed Movie Set to Premiere Soon in Winamac

Sam Wallace is the main character of "And Then You Die," set to premiere March 2.
Sam Wallace is the main character of “And Then You Die,” set to premiere March 2.

A horror movie filmed entirely in Pulaski and Fulton counties is set to premiere in a few short weeks. “And Then You Die,” from HM&M Films and Wonky Mustache Productions, will be shown at the Isis Theater in Winamac on March 2 at noon and at 10 p.m. A cast and crew question-and-answer session will be held after the first showing of the movie, which has not been rated.

Written and directed by Daniel Murphy and Brian Gaillard, “And Then You Die” has been a work in progress for roughly three years, from the time it was put on paper to the end of filming. Murphy said it took about a year to write the story and turn it into a screen play before they could assemble a cast, and he said even then it wasn’t smooth sailing. The project originally fell through, but Gaillard became a part of the project and it began to grow.

Murphy said the entire project would not have been possible without the help he received from a number of people and organizations throughout Fulton and Pulaski counties. Whether it was a location they needed for the movie, or even a woodchipper, Murphy said people came through and helped the idea become a reality.

“Everything that we tried to do, that at the time when we were sitting down, brainstorming, and writing this stuff, we were like, ‘There’s no way we can do this,’ but we did. Somebody knows somebody, or somebody knows a place, or somebody has this… somehow, everything that we needed, we were able to get because we had somebody there,” said Murphy.

As a horror film, “And Then You Die” boasts a simple plot. Sam Wallace, the main character, has gone through a traumatic childhood, is detested at work and is married to a woman who has been cheating on him. One day, his day begins on the wrong foot but continues to worsen until the anxiety and stress push him over the edge into a brutal wage, sending him on a journey of destruction to wipe out those who have hurt him.

Murphy said one of the major influences for the movie was his affection of horror movies as a child, and said the film is kind of a throwback to classic horror.

“I remember as a kid – I don’t remember what age I was – but I remember watching movies with my dad, and I remember two movies standing out; one was Aliens and one was Return of the Living Dead. I remember that. But since then, I’ve always liked them,” Murphy said.

Tickets for the premiere are currently available for pre-sale through Paypal or by pickup. Call Murphy at (574) 242-2312 or visit NAPA in Winamac to pick up tickets. Alternatively, tickets can also be purchased at the door, but with seating limited to 300, pre-ordering is recommended.