Melody Drive-In Undergoes Digital Upgrades

  The Melody Drive-In in Knox is preparing for the upcoming movie season with some new digital upgrades. Fred Heise, owner of the drive-in, said that the theater will soon be moving away from the older standard of film to digital film, and he said they are now putting in new digital equipment in an effort to enhance the movie-viewing experience.

Heise said the new equipment will serve to make the picture more clear and improve the sound quality, but it’s not just moviegoers who will benefit from the new equipment. Heise said the new equipment and digital film will save the theater a lot of time and preparation.

“It is going to add a lot more time for other stuff that we can tend to just because there won’t be a lot of film rewinding and splicing, and you’ve also got the delivery and everything else with the film. So, that kind of headache will actually go away because now the films will be sent to us either via a hard drive or we’ll be able to download them,” Heise explained.

The equipment is being installed this week, Heise said, and the installation began Tuesday. He said the new screen will be much brighter with a clearer picture, and the new equipment will make its premiere on March 22 or 29, depending on the weather.

With a slew of promising movies set to hit the big screen this summer, Heise said it should be a great season for the drive-in.