North Judson Man Arrested on Theft Charge

 A North Judson man was arrested Thursday after allegedly attempting to steal items from a Medaryville store.

The owners of Twice is Nice told police that a woman was in the store paying for items when Dalton Campbell told her that he was going outside while she finishes with her purchase. While he was walking out, one of the owners noticed a sleeve from a garment for sale hanging out from the back of his jacket.

The owner walked outside and looked inside the Campbell’s truck and saw the piece of clothing inside and also a Craftsman ratchet that was allegedly taken from the store.

Campbell told police that he and his fiance were in the store, purchased some items and left the store. He reportedly told the officer that he thought he left the ratchet inside the store and walked outside to gather money to pay for it and realized he had it in his hand. He said the store owner then came out and accused him of stealing. Campbell reportedly stated that he had every intention of paying for the item.

Campbell was arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft. Further investigation found that he had been booked in the Starke County Jail the week prior to this incident on a theft charge.