North Judson Town Board Soon to Place New Rules Sign at Cemetery

  The rules and regulations that have been in place at the cemetery in North Judson will now be enforced – this after the town board this week reviewed the draft of the rules that will be typed up on a sign and posted at the main entrance. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that the sign will detail each rule, regulation, and requirement, ensuring that everyone who enters the cemetery knows the town’s policies.

Henry said it’s very important that everybody understand, first of all, that the cemetery rules and regulations that had been passed via ordinance at the last meeting are not new, but have actually been around since 1959; the only difference, Henry explained, is that the rules will now be enforced according to a schedule of fines maintained by the town council.

Henry said having these rules posted is essential to keep the cemetery clean and in the shape it needs to be to show respect for all visitors and those interred. She said the board is now asking for quotes to create the sign to be posted, and said they are hoping to have the sign in place before April 1.

According to the ordinance, no stakes, flags, posts, fences, or any other enclosures are permitted on any grave; no grave mounds are allowed; no ground cover other than grass will be permitted; no decorations or plantings will be allowed on the west side of any foundation; no trees, bushes, or shrubs may be planted; and grave blankets will be permitted only between Nov. 1 and March 1.

Several other rules also apply. To view the cemetery rules document, click here.