Report Suspicious Activity to Starke County Police Immediately

Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Sheriff Oscar Cowen
Starke County Sheriff Oscar Cowen is encouraging you to report any suspicious activity to the dispatch center as soon as it happens.

Cowen said that he has heard several reports of a Caucasian woman and an African-American man attempting to sell cleaning products door-to-door in the county during non-business hours. They are reportedly driving a white and green van and are attempting to force their way into homes.

Cowen said that no formal complaints have been made about the pair to law enforcement officials, but if you witness or experience suspicious activity, call the Starke County Sheriff’s Department at (574) 772-3771.

County detectives are currently investigating one incident that was called into the department last week and charges could be filed in that case.

Cowen stressed that the sooner the police have information about suspicious individuals, the sooner his department can find the perpetrators and investigate the issue.