Retirement Home Nurse Arrested for Theft of Credit Card, Medications

Alisha Capps

A quick investigation led to the arrest of a Lakeville woman after police were notified that a credit card belonging to a resident of Miller’s Merry Manor in Plymouth had been stolen. The Indiana State Police immediately launched their investigation, and it wasn’t long before a suspect was in custody.

Trooper Jason Faulstich made short work of the investigation after he tracked down several purchases made on the card in Plymouth, Lapaz, and other nearby locations, leading him back to a nurse employed at Miller’s Merry Manor. The suspect, Alisha C. Capps, 26 of Lakeville, was questioned by police and subsequently arrested on several charges.

Capps, a licensed practical nurse, allegedly took the credit card from the victim and used it to purchase several items. To make matters worse, the investigation also led police to discover that Capps was in possession of prescription medication that belonged to yet another resident of Miller’s Merry Manor.

Capps was arrested and booked into the Marshall County Jail, where she faces several preliminary felony charges including Forgery, Theft, Possession of a Legend Drug, and Interfering with the Delivery of a Prescription Drug by a Health Care Provider.