Two Fort Wayne Men Arrested For Selling Fake Coats

 Two Fort Wayne men were recently arrested in Knox after allegedly selling fraudulent apparel to people working at the Knox Beauty College.

Kent Schumm and Benjamin Schaab had told the employees that they were selling North Face brand coats at a discounted price. One of the alleged salesmen said they would go back out in the car and bring in some more styles. Some of the women purchased coats before the men went outside.

After closer observation, the name tag North Face had reportedly been sewn over another name brand tag on one of the coats.

The men were called on their fraud and were told that if they didn’t refund the money, police would be notified. They did not return to the business and did not return the money.

Some paid by cash and others with a credit card.

Schumm had left a cell phone number for future business and police could not reach the suspects.

They returned to the business the next day. The police arrived and Schumm reportedly told them that he was there to return the money.

Schuum and Schaab were taken into custody and booked into the Starke County jail on a preliminary charge of Forgery.