Two Pulaski County Men Arrested for Stealing Scrap

 Two Pulaski County men were arrested Saturday after stealing scrap from a property on 1400 West in Pulaski County.

The property owner called Pulaski County police to report that some unknown people were on his property and no one has permission to be there. Police found two men, cutting up a trailer frame. The suspects, Sean Allman of Francesville and J.B. Rowe of Medaryville, reportedly told police that they had permission to be there and that a man they met asked them to remove the steel from that property. They arrived at the property earlier in the day to assess what equipment they would need and then returned to cut up the scrap.

Officers found what appeared to be recently cut pieces of a mobile home frame and suspension in a pickup truck owned by one of the suspects.

Allman and Rowe were arrested on preliminary charges of Theft and Trespass.