Two Student Groups Approved for Overnight Trips

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman
The Eastern Pulaski School Board approved a couple of overnight trips for student groups.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman commented that the Junior Science and Humanities Class, or AP Biology, will be going to a symposium at Saint Mary’s of the Woods in Terre Haute.

“These students will be able to present their research and actually do some competition,” explained Klitzman. “We’ve done very well in this activity before and so we’re very hopeful that these kids do very well again for Eastern Pulaski schools.”

Klitzman added that the middle and high school Science Olympiad teams will be headed to a state competition in Bloomington.

“Our Middle School Science Olympiad Team has qualified for the state competition and this will be at IU in Bloomington,” stated Klitzman. “Our high school team has one more competition to go through and if they come out of that really well, they also will qualify to go to state competition in Bloomington. In both cases, the board Monday night was proud to be able to pass the recommendation to allow these kids to stay because they’ve done such a great job academically.”