Bobb, Singleton Plead Guilty to Various Charges in Starke Circuit Court

Starke County Courthouse
Starke County Courthouse
Two people pleaded guilty to charges against them this week in the Starke Circuit Court. Kyle Bobb pleaded guilty to Burglary as a Class B felony while Samuel Singleton pleaded guilty to a variety of charges spanning four different cases in the court. Both men will receive their sentences on April 24.

According to the plea agreement to which Bobb pleaded guilty, he will serve eight years in the Department of Corrections with two of those years suspended to be served on probation. Bobb was arrested after breaking into a woman’s home and stealing a wooden box containing stainless silverware, a gold clover-shaped broach, three small perfume bottles, one larger perfume bottle, and costume jewelry.

Singleton, however, pleaded guilty to Theft as a Class D felony in the first case against him, Theft as a Class D felony in the second case, Receiving Stolen Property as a Class D felony and Possession of Marijuana in the third case, and Theft as a Class D felony in the fourth case.

Singleton will serve a total of 79 months in the Department of Corrections with none suspended, and because of his history as a substance abuser, the court recommends that he complete the CLIFF or GRIP program. His charges of Theft stem from incidents throughout 2012 when he stole a gun, cell phone, television, computer, and monitor from different people in the county.