Changes Made to Handgun Permitting Process

Indiana State Police officials have made changes to the handgun permitting process.

As part of the change, effective today, the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department will no longer accept paper handgun permits and will no longer fingerprint applicants.

If you would like to obtain an application, you must do so online at Once your application is complete, it can be submitted electronically.

After your application is submitted, you will need to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting which must be done at an INKless (Indiana’s Electronic Fingerprinting Network) fingerprinting service. That can be scheduled online by going to the Indiana State Police website. MorphoTrust will be conducting the fingerprinting and locations are available all over the state. Local branches of MorphoTrust are in Plymouth, LaPorte, Logansport, South Bend and Valparaiso.

When all of these steps are done, you must visit the law enforcement agency that has primary jurisdiction over your place of residence where local background checks will be done. Once the background check is complete, your application will be approved or rejected by the Indiana State Police.

If you haven’t any way to access the online application, the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department staff will help you with your application. You can schedule an appointment by calling (219) 326-7700 ext. 2324.