Grace Outreach Fellowship May Soon Build New Church

A new home for the Grace Outreach Fellowship could soon begin construction near Tippecanoe, as the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals gave their approval for a special land use exemption near the intersection of 17B Road and U.S. 331, allowing the newly-founded church to build a new place to congregate.

Larry Kreft approached the board on behalf of the Grace Outreach Fellowship and requested the exemption, which would allow the church to use the land that is currently zoned as A1 – agricultural. Kreft explained that he currently owns the land, and plans to deed the 90 acres to the church which he said is quickly expanding and has outgrown its current location.

Kreft told the board that they are interested in building a post-frame building on the land, with plans to include a worship area with classrooms and parking to suit 200 visitors.

No members of the board spoke out against the project, and two members of the church’s congregation claimed it was God’s will. The board unanimously approved the request, but said the decision is tentative as they await the approval of construction design as well as septic and drainage plans.