Indiana Author Releases First Kids’ Book Nationwide

Indiana author Amber Dulin is celebrating the nationwide release of her new children’s book this week. Dulin said it took her about two weeks to write “Wilma the Waitress and the Waffle House,” published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises.

Dulin said that as a children’s book, the story is simple, but it leaves the reader with a question that leads into her next book, which continues Wilma’s story.

“Wilma is a waitress – she’s not a very good waitress, she has a lot of mishaps and different things that happen to her. She catches her hair on fire, her mop bucket overflows, and the gist of the story is that she isn’t very good at being a waitress, so by the end of the book, she decides that maybe she will try another profession and it leaves the reader with, ‘Here’s the question: what should be Wilma’s profession?’” Dulin explained.

Dulin said she had a passion for writing since she’d been in school and throughout her whole life. However, having had children and other responsibilities, she fell out of having the time to pursue her passion. But, since then, she has picked up the art once again and it has culminated in the release of Wilma’s story.

“I always wanted to write a children’s book, but it was something I kind of put on the backburner and continued on with life and I actually am a waitress at the Whistle Stop and I got a little idea for the book and I would write down different ideas I had on my order pad throughout the day, and eventually I put it together in a story,” said Dulin.

Dulin currently lives in Francesville with her husband and two daughters, and said she is glad to be pursuing her dreams. This is her first book and she said she hopes for many more adventures to follow featuring Wilma.

The book can be purchased online at,,, or various bookstores nationwide.