Indiana Central Time Coalition Pushes Resolution for “Right Time”

A grassroots group’s effort to put all of Indiana in the Central Time Zone is gaining momentum. Central Time Coalition President Sue Dillon says more than 20,000 Hoosiers and 42 school districts support a resolution pending before the Indiana General Assembly.

“We have a resolution currently introduced by Senator Delph that would call for petitioning DOT to consider changing Indiana’s time zone, because that’s where the time zone has to be changed. It’s the prerogative of the Department of Transportation,” Dillon said.

Dillon says Indiana’s time zone was set almost 100 years ago when railroads were the main mode of transportation. Nowadays she says setting the entire state to Central time makes more sense from a transportation, public safety and quality of life standpoint. She adds that the issue has nothing to do with the switch to daylight savings time, which occurs early Sunday morning. Dillon says the coalition supports the notion of springing forward in the spring and falling back in the fall but thinks the entire state needs to be in the same time zone year-round.