Knox Council Approves Sewer Project Appropriation

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The sewer project for the city of Knox is moving along as officials look to put in a new lift station near the South Side Fire Station. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston explained to the city council this week that the additional appropriation approved for the project last year expired at the start of the new year, and Houston said they would now have to approve the appropriation once again.

According to Houston, the lift station is a necessity for the city to allow for present and future growth in the area as the current system is antiquated and no longer suit’s the city’s needs. The project, he said, would cost approximately $188,301, and an additional appropriation for $140,000 from the Cumulative Sewer Fund is necessary for the project to continue.

Houston said the additional appropriation was first passed on May 22, 2012, giving the city authority to spend that money on the project for the rest of the year; however, the city lost their authority to spend it once the year ran out. He explained the project was delayed due to an issue with the engineering firm, bringing the project to a halt.

Now the city will have to begin the bidding process anew and approve the appropriation to allow the information to be sent to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance in order for work on the project to begin.

The council unanimously approved the appropriation.