Knox Street Department Prepares for Spring

The Knox Street Department superintendent told the Knox Board of Public Works Wednesday morning that he hopes the winter season is over as he and his employees are springing into the next season.

Jeff Borg said the staff will be doing spring cleaning next week which includes leaf pick-up. They will pick up leaves if they are placed in the street along the curb and not in the alley. Brush and limbs will be picked up each Thursday.

Borg also explained to the Board of Works members that they have just used under 80 percent of their salt supply for the winter season. They are contracted to use about 80 percent of the salt in the co-op agreement, but will not be penalized as no other public entity has used their allotment of salt either.

Borg will go ahead and get 150 tons of salt for the next winter season which will be safely stored in the salt shed.