LaPorte County DUI Task Force to Hold Sobriety Checkpoint

The LaPorte County DUI Task Force will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint on Saturday, March 9. This will be part of the organization’s participation in Blitz #74 aimed to target aggressive and impaired driving.

The location of the checkpoint is determined based upon the analysis of available crash data, impaired driving arrests and officer safety. The location will not be revealed. When stopped, you will be asked to produce a driver’s license and vehicle registration. DUI Task Force members will then evaluate you for signs of alcohol or drug impairment. If you are not impaired, expect a short delay of two minutes or less. If you are deemed to be impaired, further action will be taken.

The LaPorte County DUI Task Force is a multi-agency group of police officers from the Michigan City and LaPorte Police Departments, along with deputies from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office.