Marshall County Building to Undergo Improvements

With more than 32 years gone by since its construction, County Maintenance Supervisor Doug Masterson said the Marshall County Building is in need of some renovations. Fortunately, he said that some improvements to the building have been budgeted for this year, and with many offices retaining the original carpet and wallpaper since the building’s construction in 1981, several Marshall County Building employees are looking forward to the improvements.

Masterson said that the improvements will have to wait, however, as the building is still undergoing repairs to its heating and cooling system. Those repairs are expected to be complete by April 1, and Masterson said that is when work on renovating some departments will begin. He said he hopes to see the first- and second-floor offices refurbished by the end of the year.

On top of that, some departments in the building may be relocated to better allocate space and move employees closer to other departments they may have to visit; for instance, the IT department may soon be moved closer to the server room, cutting down on the trek made by IT employees.

The renovations will be paid for out of the maintenance department’s general fund, and Masterson said those moneys will go toward the Marshall County Building because it seems to need more work than any other building. He said the county typically keeps the courthouse well-kempt because of the amount of public attention it receives, and as a result, doesn’t need as much work as the county building.

Some of the renovation work he said they would like to tackle is putting new carpet and wallpaper in the Purdue Extension Office, and new ceiling tile in the recorder’s office because the old tile is suffering from water spots and intermittent leaks.