Marshall County Commissioners Approve Request for GIS Data


The Marshall County Commissioners have approved a request by NIPSCO to acquire information needed for a 100-mile power transmission from Burr Oak to Topeka.

The representatives had asked for the names and address information for communications purposes in moving forward with the project. They reiterated that they want to keep the public informed about the project and how it will affect them in the construction process.

Chris Marbach with Marbach, Brady and Weaver – a survey company working with NIPSCO – and a NIPSCO representative appeared before the commissioners and agreed to the $15,000 fee requested for the acquisition of the names and addresses of property owners along the proposed route that would be obtained through the county’s Geographic Information System, or GIS.

They assured the commissioners that the information would not be shared with any other source.

The line would affect parcels in 10 counties and the entities will have access to all parcels that would be affected, as well as those in two proposed alternate routes.

After the commissioners approved the request, County Attorney Jim Clevenger suggested that they revisit the fee schedule in the GIS Data Ordinance and compare the fee with surrounding counties to make sure they are inline with others that have similar ordinances.