Marshall County Officials Preparing for Possible Flooding

A few weather agencies are warning residents about the potential for flooding this weekend and into the early part of next week.

These warnings have prompted the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency to provide help to those prone to flooding. Director Clyde Avery asks you to take steps to protect your property.

“The Marshall County Commissioners are making sand available to them and we also have sandbags and they can use those to set up their own sort of dike system,” explained Avery.

Avery said the areas prone to flooding are low-lying areas and low-lying agricultural areas.

“We’ve got a lot of ditches that run through the county and some of them feed into the Yellow River and the Tippecanoe River. We’re not anticipating that we’re going to have enough snow melt and rainfall to increase the river levels to the point where they’re going to be an issue, but if that happens we want people to be ready and prepared to deal with it,” he explained.

While property protection is key, Avery added that water on the roadways will also be an issue.

“If there are roads that are flooded we would like people to notify either the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department or the Marshall County Highway Department and make them aware of it. If the highway department puts up barricades, we don’t want people driving around the barricades. The barricades are up for their protection. If they do drive and see a road that’s flooded, we really don’t want people driving through the water because they have no idea if the bed of the roadway has been washed out,” Avery said.

Sandbags will be available for pickup at the old emergency management office just north of the Marshall County Highway Department on King Road. If you have further questions, call Director Clyde Avery at (574) 936-3740.